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Visit Mataró

Mediterranean city, active and under transformation, engaged in new technologies and faithful to its culture and history. That is the kind of city that is waiting for you. You will know its rich architectural and archaeological heritage; you will enjoy its beaches, parks and mountains; you will have fun with its parties and traditions; you will find a wide rage of shopping facilities and traditional Mediterranean markets. When you come here, you will share the standard of living and the challenges of the 21st century with the people from Mataró.

2 Km of beaches to enjoy in Mataró

Platja_CEL_OK_SRMataró, capital of the Maresme, is a city that looks towards the sea, because the Mediterranean is its past and its future. Its seafront boasts 2.2 km (1 ½ miles) of spotless beaches with a wide range of different facilities and services which provide an ideal leisure and family environment with numerous sporting options and children’s activities and play areas. The Passeig Marítim, with its bars, terraces and restaurants, invites you to extend your day at the beach well into the night. And in front of the promenade is the sea, full of activities such as sailing, fishing and the alguer, a vast underwater meadow of flowering sea grasses just a few meters offshore, which plays a vital role in the marine ecosystem and is one of the town’s leading natural resources.

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Discover and enjoy the Maresme region!


What do you know about where you are? Would you like to learn more about this magnificent MARESME REGION? We give you the possibility of taking a short trip of about 5 hours where you can explore this beautiful region.

The Capital City of the Region is the city of Mataró, full of culture and with an important commercial activity. We will walk through its most interesting streets and visit its beautiful monuments and the wonderful NAU GAUDÍ. You will also be given some free time to do your own exploring.

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How do I get here?

Mataró is a consolidated city which is well communicated with the surrounding metropolitan areas and with the other Catalonian regions. The transport and communication facilities provide an easy access to the city by both public and private transport.

By train 
Take rodalies Renfe C1. Information and reservations 902 24 02 02.
International information 902 24 34 02.

By bus
Direct bus by highway:
- Mataró - Barcelona, lines C1 and C2: Empresa Casas - Grup Sarbús 
- Mataró - Bellaterra, line C5:  Empresa Casas - Grup Sarbús 
- Mataró - Granollers - Sabadell: Barcelona Bus

Non direct buses:
- Mataró - Barcelona, line C10: Empresa Casas - Grup Sarbús
- Mataró - Llavaneres - Sant Vicenç de Montalt, line C20: Empresa Casas - Grup Sarbús  
- Mataró - Vilassar de Dalt, line C30: Empresa Casas - Grup Sarbús 
- Mataró - Barcelona (night bus), line N80: Empresa Casas - Grup Sarbús  
- Barcelona - Mataró - Pineda (night bus): Barcelona Bus
- Mataró - Veïnat del Cros - Argentona: Sagalés
- Mataró - Granollers - La Roca del Vallès: Sagalés
- Mataró - Òrrius: Sagalés
- Mataró - Argentona - Dosrius - Canyamars: Sagalés

By car
By highway C-32, exits: Mataró Sud, Mataró Oest and Mataró Nord, or by national road N-II.
From Granollers, C-60, linking with C-32 and with N-II.


Routes to discover Mataró


NauGaudi_OKBXA_SergiaRuizIn Mataró you will find routes and guided tours where you will discover the most singular places and the most interesting art heritage to enjoy culture all year round: get to know the bequest  of modernism with the unique architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the beauty and expressivity of Antoni Viladomat's paintings in the baroque art work "Els Dolors"  (the Pains); the archaeological remains of  a roman  villa from the ancient city of Iluro, the birth and evolution of the textile industry in the city, the new energies and, of course, the stories of the seafarers, fishermen and other historical characters related to the sea.

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Sea Activities

Platja_CEL_OK_SRIn Mataró you’ll find a whole range of things to do, from sailing and motor boating to windsurfing, fishing and diving. And you can also discover the coralline rocks of the alguer, a vast underwater meadow of flowering sea grasses, which plays a vital role in the marine ecosystem and is one of the city’s leading natural resources. Like the sea, Mataró is full of contrasts, an alternative, multicultural town that invites visitors to while away a few pleasant hours during the day and at night, especially in the summer.

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Mataró Tourist Office

Address: La Riera, 48. 08301 Mataró
Telephone: (+34) 937 582 698
Fax: (+34) 937 582 136
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm. Sundays and bank holidays from 10 am to 2 pm. During July and August the opening hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm. Closed 6, 25 and 26 of December - 1 and 6 of January.

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Botiga Mataró

Come to ˝Botiga Mataró˝ and... take the city away! More than 100 goods/items inspired in our city.